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Helping to ensure integrity and transparency.

Helping to ensure integrity and transparency.

The recent global financial crisis proved that history isn’t a reliable guide to future financial results. This has implications for the way in which audits are derived – we must think outside traditional parameters so the basis of investor decision making is assured by high quality audits. To achieve this, the profession must evolve, and our Audit teams are leading the way in shaping what that means.

A career in Audit with us gives you real insights into the inner workings of companies and invaluable business perspective that opens up countless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

As one of the leading audit firms in the Isle of Man, we play a significant part in ensuring the transparency and integrity of capital markets, maintaining the confidence that is essential for them to operate. Our auditors help clients make sense of new and increasingly complex risks arising from the modern business environment, and how they affect financial performance. 

Ready for the challenge 

Auditing is intellectually challenging. We need individuals confident in their professional standards and conscious of their independence. 

Recruits to our Audit practice in the Isle of Man join other professionals working on a large and diverse range of engagements.

Internationally, KPMG has over 50,000 professionals providing audit services to many of the world’s largest, most powerful and prestigious companies and a vast number of small to medium sized organisations across a range of industries. 

We give our professionals the tools and time they need to deliver the highest quality service. Our audit teams are multi-disciplinary, using leading techniques and technologies. You can explore career opportunities by undertaking different audit assignments across a range of industries. We encourage and facilitate international assignments as a way to broaden professional experience. 

Our Services

Our Audit teams work to help uphold the integrity and transparency of the capital markets we serve which, in turn, contributes to the confidence that is essential for the markets to function. As part of these teams, you’ll get an inside look at some of our largest clients, developing a broad business perspective.

High-quality, independent financial statement audits are essential to maintaining investor confidence. Our audit professionals are committed to the public interest, challenging assumptions and unlocking valuable insights based on a solid understanding of an organisation’s business and industry. Powered by Data & Analytics, our audit approach helps shape the future of corporate reporting.

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Our Clients and Work

In today’s constantly evolving business environment, clients look to us for our capabilities and expertise. We have global insight, world-leading practices, local knowledge and the ability to make things happen on the ground. 


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