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Gary Lamb

Gary Lamb Gary Lamb

30 Voices on 2030: What does the future hold?

By 2030, I think you’ll see Manx Telecom continuing to offer great products and customer service to people and businesses on the Island, but we will also be a company with a much bigger international dimension to our business.

We’ve already put the foundations in place for that. In 2017 we bought Goshawk Communications, a UK-based company which develops technology-based solutions that enhance audio quality and provides innovative technology for those with hearing loss.  More recently, we acquired Synapse360, an IT and Managed Services company based on the Island which also has strong UK dimension to its business.

By 2030 I believe we will be a larger and more successful company thanks to a mix of organic growth, new ventures, and acquisitions.  However, we will only grow where doing so adds value and delivers benefit to customers, staff, shareholders, and Manx Telecom as a whole.  Of course, our first priority will always be to serve our on-Island customers – that will never change – but when it comes to significant growth, like many companies, we need to look off-Island for new opportunities – and do so in a planned and measured way.

Change is the only thing we can be sure of, and it’s always driven by two things – customers’ needs and the ever-increasing pace at which technology develops. I’m pleased to say that we have a track record of always bringing the best telecoms can offer to our customers here on the Island, often before our competitors and peer group companies in other territories. 

The most successful companies in the future will be the ones who get the blend of digital and human interaction right - and Manx Telecom are working on doing just that.

I’m pretty certain that by 2030 most of us will be “digital natives” – living large parts of our lives online.  People want to do their banking, book their holidays, or watch a movie online… and businesses – big and small – all increasingly rely on technology for their very existence.  

We are already a world which is almost completely enabled and underpinned by technology and this trend can only increase.  When it comes to providing innovative customer service, Artificial Intelligence and “bots” which provide an online real time customer interface are already quite sophisticated, but I predict that by 2030 interacting with them will be seamless. 

Nevertheless, even in 2030 I believe there will still be a need to provide a human interface.  In certain circumstances people want to speak to people and whenever our customers want to talk about any product or services, or sort out any problem, we are committed to providing Manx-based customer service delivered by real people.  I firmly believe that the most successful companies in the future will be the ones who get the blend of digital and human interaction right, and we are working on doing just that.

Of course, developments in technology are always difficult to predict – especially 10 years ahead in 2030, however, there are some technologies around today which are going to become ubiquitous in the future.  Take 5G, for instance; it offers incomparable speeds and a seamless online mobile experience, people love and demand ever faster speeds and by 2030 I believe it will be the norm for mobile.  When it comes to physical networks, fibre – by which I mean fibre optic cables – will dominate the market and become an integral part of our personal and working lives by 2030.  Fibre is the future thanks to its ability to deliver exceptional speeds and connectivity and by 2030 we expect that it will be available to every home and business on the Island.