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30 Voices on 2030: What does the future hold?

30 Voices on 2030: What does the future hold? 30 Voices on 2030: What does the future hold?

What does the future of Isle of Man business in 2030 look like? We have our own thoughts – we believe it will be a landscape where industry boundaries will blur, where customer experiences are seamless and powered behind the scenes by frictionless processes, platforms and collaborations between businesses. In summary – more interconnection, collaboration and less friction. This should all lead to an environment where opportunities continue to present themselves.

But this is just our view – and there are many others.

KPMG’s 30 Voices on 2030: What does the future hold will convene different perspectives from across the island on what the future will look like in 2030 – and what local businesses need to anticipate, today.

The future…

Blockchain, regulation, the change of customer behaviour, AI and the rise of multiple new technologies have all had a massive impact on the business and social landscape.

But what has been the impact? And what does the local industry look like? How have the last 10 years played out? What have been the key driving forces for these changes? What off-island challenges have there been?

The voices…

The premise for each voice is the same – they are asked to imagine they are in 2030, speaking with a CEO who is in 2020, sharing their thoughts about the changes and giving them advice on how to prepare for what’s to come.

No one has a crystal ball on what it will be like – but voices have considered trends and things happening now, that will provide a foundation for how things will be in 10 years or so.