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services offered

Services offered

KPMG’s Value Chain Management practice can help companies develop effective supply chains from the ground up, integrating tax into the overall business processes to help enhance long-term savings. KPMG can also help create efficiencies for existing value chains and supply chains, whether it is a post-merger integration or other.

There can be many potential benefits of addressing the end-to-end supply chain including:

  • reduced operational costs, including realization of post-acquisition synergies
  • improved control over business processes
  • reduced financial costs
  • managed transfer pricing risks
  • alignment of tax and business models.

With a global network and industry specialists, our member firms deliver services based on a tried and tested analytical and delivery model:

  • Indentify the opportunity – Identify the opportunity, articulate it, price it, and seek formal agreement with client.
  • Plan – Identify and align internal and client teams while establishing expectations with the client.
  • Access – Determine and document the current state and propose alternative.
  • Design – Create an implementation plan to transition from current state to agreed future state.
  • Implementation – launch the future state by executing the implementation plan.
  • Monitor – Monitor project scope, time, costs, quality, communications, scheduling, resources and risks.
  • Close – Finish administrative tasks to close the engagement.

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