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Tax Mergers and Acquisition

Tax Mergers and Acquisition

Tax Mergers and Acquisition

Tax Mergers and Acquisition

Amid the growing momentum of a global economy, mergers and acquisition transactions carried out by group companies is one of the fundamental key to strengthen their market position and their long-term growth strategy. The volume of deals involving M&A transaction increased tremendously in this decade and allows for big ticket deals, in particular within the private equity market.

Opportunities that entail in these transactions constitute a real creation of value for group companies and significant tax savings may be realized via domestics and cross-border mergers and acquisition tax planning. 

M&A transactions require meticulous analysis with regard to the jurisdictions involved and their different regulation and business cultures. Therefore M&A tax planning should be carefully monitored by tax professionals of all jurisdictions involved so as to get out all tax advantages.

With a global understanding and deal experiences comprising deep local knowledge of tax jurisdictions, our tax professional are equipped to provide a full range of M&A tax services to corporate and private equity investors covering all phases of domestic and cross-border transactions.

How KPMG can help

KPMG's M&A Tax team can help companies avoid pitfalls and seize potential opportunities.We provide:

  • Tax due diligence for acquirers and vendors, identifying what the tax exposure is on a deal and how it may be mitigated ― with clear focus on risk assessment.
  • Advice on the tax consequences of individual acquisitions, joint ventures to help design tax-efficient deal structures.
  • Assistance in forecasting post-deal tax liabilities in business models.


Our global M&A Tax network provides access to dedicated tax professionals who understand how tax affects transactions across the world. We know how to identify and advise on the material tax exposures in a transaction and to develop deal structures that appropriately address the tax implications.

Working on transactions day-by-day, we are process-driven and understand the mechanics of acquisition and disposals in a competitive environment.

Why M&A tax matters

For companies investing in Israel or expanding offshore it is important that the tax implications of each deal are dealt with from the outset.

This is especially important if you are investing in Israel for the first time or investing in a country with differing regulations and business cultures. These need to be reconciled to reveal the risks and opportunities of a transaction.

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