Managing IT risk and compliance

How KPMG member firms can help

Amid an evolving regulatory environment and increased oversight pressures, organizations face ongoing challenges to manage and comply with ever-mounting regulations that are coming their way. At the same time, organizations are focused on managing new and persistent risks to their business, while balancing revenue growth and expense saving business priorities.

In the face of these challenges, managing IT risk and compliance has become even more critical, as IT failures can lead to reputational damage, customer and market valuation loss, and an increase in privacy issues and high-profile legal exposure. In this environment, enhancing IT controls is crucial to help ensure businesses are managed and controlled appropriately, and functioning reliably.

The right technology, implemented properly, appropriately managed and monitored, can lead to significant gains in growth and efficiency. It is essential to get sound business advice to help ensure technology risks are managed.

We work with clients to analyze business technology issues within their businesses. We assist clients with the following areas:

IT Strategy


IT Attestations


IT Internal Audits


Regulatory & Compliance


Data Analysis


Products & Solutions


IT Risk Management & Controls


ERP & Business Applications


Emerging Technologies


At KPMG we focus primarily on the business impact of technology. As a result, our advice is independent and geared to the specific needs of each client.

Keeping pace with technology and taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by technological innovation is paramount to us, but we are also aware of the risks involved and the responsibility at the Board level to control these risks.

With the global scope of many organizations, we are aware of the need to develop innovative solutions that are repeatable and easily distributable. As a global organization ourselves, we are able to provide global guidance and local support where necessary.

We offer:

  • a team of over 6000 experienced professionals, equipped with strong business skills, as well as in-depth sector knowledge and specialist IT skills
  • a consistent, integrated global platform; and
  • the combined resources of one of the world's leading business advisory networks.

KPMG Israel's IT Advisory team is a trusted advisor to the Boards of some of Israel's largest national and multinational organizations. We also operate in developed markets and in key emerging economies all over the world.
In our work with international clients, we help organizations assess, manage and optimize information technology risk across a range of areas, including:

  • Information Protection and Business Resilience
  • IT Internal Audit
  • IT Attestation
  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)/and Controls Integration
  • Information Governance Services