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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

KPMG Israel Data & Analytics practice has taken a unique approach in the last three years. Leveraging the Israeli startup nation ecosystem, we have built a unique research and development center, with high-end professionals joining our team to assist clients and member firms around the globe in areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning  (ML), Big Data, Cognitive, Intelligent Automation (IA) and digital solutions. 

The center is strongly involved in developing solutions based on open source and vendor software platforms as needed.

In the Big Data field, we specialize in defining and building scalable data lake platforms that incorporate capabilities of advanced data and analytics methods in order to extract value from data that is most beneficial to answer business needs. Our solutions and architecture are data driven, considering data Volume, Variety and Veracity and real time needs. We are assisting companies around the globe to define and design their enterprise architecture and helping them to implement it and bring it to life.  

  • Enterprise Data Architecture   
  • Data Lake & Web Crawlers   
  • Open Source Development     
  • Enterprise & Elastic Search   
  • Data Monetization 

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