KPMG’s Digital and Intelligent Automation (IA) practice helps companies create new opportunities and revenue streams with emerging technologies. We provide leading digital solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI), big data, IA, machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and smart recognition.

We help enterprises in multiple sectors respond efficiently to the growing need for modern work environments, digital readiness, and new business models. With advanced low code/no code development platforms, we improve business processes, drive customer engagement, and lower costs. 

Digital transformation

From defining the business strategy, through enabling technologies to user experience and engagement, we help businesses innovate, become more scalable, and respond to changes quickly. KPMG’s end-to-end solutions combine global best practices, a rich portfolio of successful digital-transformation projects, and transformative technologies that deliver results.

Our Digital and IA practice helps organizations embrace disruptive technologies to discover new business opportunities and create better products and services. By leveraging the power of digital technologies and channels, businesses can thrive and create new revenue streams. 

Intelligent Automation

Our practice is business led, and as such we have a deep understanding of your business needs and processes. We take our expertise one step further to automate those processes using technology. We implement robots that scan and read documents, automatic facial recognition solutions, and bots that use natural language to communicate and improve operations and services.

Our solutions provide better market insights, enhance customer experience and lower costs associated with manual work, transforming the way organizations conduct their business. Working hand in hand with our customers, we bring a business-led and technology-enabled approach that ensures continuous and profitable evolution.

We also accelerate automation strategies with BPM, RPA, OCR, voice analytics, chatbots, image recognition, personal assistants, and other digital innovations. By combining these powerful technologies, we enable scalable, intelligent automation that speeds up digital adoption while saving costs and resources.  

Low-code platforms & Cognitive Services

Low-code is fueling application development and automation. We specialize in low-code platforms that help companies tackle complex developments in a matter of days. With simple configuration tools and user-friendly interfaces, users with no IT expertise can quickly design and build sophisticated business applications and processes.

With automated workflows and management tasks, drag-and-drop functionality, and prebuilt integrations, KPMG helps organizations adopt low-code practices that provide better results in less time.


What makes us unique?

  • In-depth understanding of an organization’s business backed by technological expertise and leading development teams
  • The ability to combine the right blend of digital technologies into end-to-end transformation solutions
  • Field-proven, global experience with hundreds of successful projects in multiple segments
  • Domain expertise, industry insights, global successful digital transformation implementations

We begin our engagements by studying the strategy and vision of an organization and understanding its requirements and ecosystem. Our experts then design a solution that aligns with the needs and takes advantages of new technologies to drive digitization. We focus on what businesses need today – ‘learning’ solutions that ensure agility, higher ROI, shorter time to market and top user experience.