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KPMG named an ALM Vanguard Leader by ALM Intelligence (formerly Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory)

KPMG named an ALM Vanguard Leader

Prestigious recognition for KPMG’s global leadership in the Management Consulting space.


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KPMG’s global network of firms was recognized as an ALM Vanguard Leader and one of the top organizations in this space in the recently released Change Management Consulting report by ALM Intelligence (formerly Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory). The report offers a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of firms delivering consulting services around Change Management. KPMG was seen as one of a few select organizations to earn the prestigious ALM Intelligence Vanguard Leader recognition.

In characterizing KPMG’s strengths, analyst Liz DeVito stated, “KPMG approaches change management through the lens of the client’s business strategy, bringing a deep understanding of the cultural and human behavioral characteristics that pose risks to the organization’s desired business outcomes.” ALM Intelligence also noted that KPMG “stands out for its ability to help clients understand the underlying culture of the organization, develop creative approaches that transform resistance into commitment, and build a change capability that cultivates operating agility.”

Investing in strategy and talent and improving an organization’s change management approach is essential for helping clients become more agile when making critical business decisions for their organization. “Driving change can require up to two-thirds of a leader’s time and requires a number of new skills,” says Mark Spears, Global Head of People and Change, KPMG International. “While we believe that these are eminently teachable the reality is that leadership development programs typically don’t cover them.” KPMG member firm professionals continue to employ a collaborative, innovative and creative approach to an organization’s change management structure and service delivery processes.

ALM Intelligence (formerly Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory), is a leading market research firm which has exclusively been analyzing and researching the global consulting industry since 1970. The full report is available for purchase here.

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