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Doing Business in Israel - December Edition

Doing Business in Israel - December Edition

Internet of Things

Jonathan Lavender

Partner, Global Chairman KPMG Enterprise and Head of Markets

KPMG in Israel


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Doing business in Israel

When Physics Nobel laureate Isidor Rabi was asked why he became a scientist, his response was: “My mother made me a scientist. Instead of asking me: ‘Did you learn anythingtoday?’ when I got back from school every day, she asked:‘Izzy, did you ask a good question today?’”

The importance of asking good questions and constantly challenging assumptions is also the guiding principle for SecuriThings, one of the leading Israeli startups in the Internet of Things space. In a world where practically every device is, or will be, connected to the internet, SecuriThings’ experts asked themselves the following: ”How can we protect all these devices and services – from a simple video camera to entire smart cities – against cyber-attacks?”

In this edition of “Doing Business in Israel” Roy Dagan, the CEO of SecuriThings, tells us about the company’s groundbreaking solution to this question and about Israel’s prominent role in the global IoT market.

The current edition also includes a selection of new deals involving Israeli companies, a game-changing discovery for treating melanoma, and a virtual reality tour that brings biblical-era Jerusalem to life.

In the spirit of asking good questions, I leave you with another intriguing quote by Prof. Rabi: “There are questions which illuminate, and there are those that destroy. I was always taught to ask the first kind.”

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