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Fintech100: The world’s leading fintech innovators

Fintech100: The world’s leading fintech innovators

The 2018 Fintech100 was announced , highlighting dynamic fintechs from around the world that are transforming the financial services industry, from digital payments and lending, to insurtech, to neo-banking, as they attract investments at a record pace.

Key trends in the fintech industry for 2018:  

  • Internet giants such as Amazon, Facebook  and Alibaba are no longer sitting on the bench and are entering the fintech industry with payments solutions and 'neo banks' services, thus changing the power balance.
  • Significant capital raising in the digital (neo) banking industry and multiple digital banks launched by traditional banks.
  • Wealth & Brokerage industries are gaining strength on the global fintech map, providing solutions and platforms that are not only intended for accredited investors, but also for the Average Joe.



Read the full report - 2018 Fintech100 - Leading Global Fintech Innovators (PDF 24.3 MB)


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