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Doing Business in Israel - July Edition

Doing Business in Israel - July Edition

Israeli Agtech

Jonathan Lavender

Partner, Global Chairman KPMG Enterprise and Head of Markets

KPMG in Israel


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Doing business in Israel

When Israel was founded 70 years ago it was mainlyagriculture-based. Fast forward to the 21st century, today thecountry is an Agriculture Technology (AgTech) powerhouse.Over the years, Israeli farmers and scientists have teamedwith researchers throughout the world to establish new andinnovative technologies to maximize efficiency, minimizewaste and create greater output.FieldIn is a successful AgTech Israeli startup founded by twoyoung entrepreneurs. In a very short time, this companyhas disrupted the $65 Billion global Agricultural Pesticide(AgPest) market with the dramatic results generated bythe company’s cutting-edge platform and landed contractswith some of the biggest companies in the industry.In this edition of Doing Business in Israel, FieldIn’s Co-Founder and CEO, Boaz Bachar tells us about the company’srapid growth, reflecting AgTech as one of Israel’s strongesthigh-tech verticals, with more than 500 companies workingin this space.This edition also features some interesting high profiledeals and transactions, an Electronic Nose Technology,which detects breast cancer with 95% accuracy as wellas a cultural recommendation bursting with nostalgia.With the football World Cup in Russia behind us, I hopeyou enjoy the rest of your summer. I will, therefore, sign offwith some apt words by the famous British footballer VinnieJones: “Winning doesn’t really matter as long as you win.”

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