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Insight Magazine

A semi-annual magazine providing local, regional and global perspectives on key issues facing today's global infrastructure industry.

In this edition of Insight, we asked our global network of infrastructure professionals...

As a sector, we often talk about issues related to affordability, access, social benefit, development, social responsibility, active investing and transparency, to name but a few. Yet, there is a dimension to infrastructure that no one has really stopped to consider – how all of these trends, ideas and initiatives coalesce to form a sense of ‘infrastructure morality’, a topic that is becoming more complicated as private sector involvement increases.

In this edition, we focus on tackling some of the hard issues around the topic – flash-points such as migration, economic inclusion, corruption, social equality and affordability – by asking the difficult questions of infrastructure leaders and executives at the forefront of the morality debate.

This edition of Insight magazine also contains our Special Report on Asset Delivery, a discipline that has become increasingly important as infrastructure owners and operators strive to deliver improved capacity and customer service to users. 

Explore these themes by reading the articles below or downloading the full report.

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