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The survey reviews capital raised by Israeli high-tech companies from Israeli and foreign venture capital funds as well as other investors, such as investment companies, corporate investors, incubators and angels. 

The Survey consists of a detailed questionnaire distributed each quarter to a list of over 150 investors, requesting data regarding deals made in the quarter, including new commitments and tranches. The companies included in the Survey are companies addressed by the IVC-Online Database as Israeli and Israel-related high-tech companies.The Survey covers investments made by VC funds, including Israeli venture capital funds (Israeli VCs) and foreign venture capital funds (foreign VCs), as well as investments made by other investors, which include: foreign and local investments companies, corporate investors, incubators, accelerators and private investors (angels and angel clubs).

The Survey includes all capital directly and/or privately invested in Israeli high-tech companies, including financing and equity rounds, venture lending and PIPEs.

The survey does not include turnaround, mezzanine and buyout deals. Also excluded are government sourced R&D grants and OCS funding.

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