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About us

About us

We are Ireland’s largest, longest-established and most-experienced R&D Tax Credit practice.

We are Ireland’s largest, longest-established & most-experienced R&D Tax Credit practice.

An eligible claim requires a well-structured, detailed, and pragmatic review of all activities and costs. KPMG’s R&D Incentives practice is a multidisciplinary practice comprising highly trained tax and finance professionals and chartered engineers working solely on R&D tax credit claims – this is all that we do!

We are Ireland’s largest, longest-established and most-experienced R&D Tax Credit practice, and are the only partner-led practice in Ireland. Our professionals consistently deliver high quality work to our clients, as demonstrated by our 2013 client satisfaction survey which found that 97% of our clients would recommend our practice to others.

Our practice

  • KPMG’s R&D Incentives practice was founded when the credit was introduced in 2004; we were the first Big 4 firm to establish a dedicated R&D tax credit practice. 
  • We have dedicated SME and large company teams within the practice to help ensure our service is tailored to our clients’ needs. 
  • We are a founding member of KPMG’s global R&D Incentives practice, an international network of specialist R&D practices with over 300 professionals working full-time on R&D tax incentives claims; we also lead the Europe, Middle East and Africa R&D Incentives Practice. 

Our expertise

  • We make sure all our claims are Revenue audit-ready, working with clients to take appropriate tax and technological positions that satisfy Revenue’s guidelines. 
  • We are the only Big 4 firm in Ireland to have a truly integrated team of full-time tax professionals and full-time engineers, of any material size, working solely on R&D tax credit claims. 
  • Internationally, our scientific/engineering professionals have 18 PhDs, 17 Master’s Degrees, and 64 Bachelor’s Degrees in fields of science, engineering and technology. 
  • Our Capital Allowances/Tax Depreciation team (consisting of in-house chartered surveyors and chartered accountants) can help ensure our clients optimise not only their capital allowances and scientific research allowances, but also the plant, machinery and buildings expenditure that forms part of their R&D tax credit claims.

Our experience

We have worked with businesses of every size and scale – from private Irish businesses to leading multinational corporations – and have considerable experience in filing and settling R&D tax credit claims.

  • Since our foundation, we have built a bespoke claim methodology, which has been tried and tested under a significant number of Revenue audits in every sector. 
  • We have Revenue audit experience in all sectors and, due to the volume of claims we’ve worked on, our clients can be confident that our experience allows us to determine best practice in each situation.

Our thought-leadership

  • KPMG’s R&D Incentives practice authored Ireland’s only specialist book on this subject, “The Research and Development Tax Credit – the Professionals’ Guide”, published by the Irish Tax Institute. 
  • We take an active role in the ongoing development of the R&D tax credit regime, frequently engaging with key stakeholders, including government and the private sector, to share views on current R&D tax issues. 
  • Our annual survey, “KPMG’s Innovation Monitor”, provides key decision-makers and stakeholders with unique insights into the R&D tax credit regime and the overall innovation environment in Ireland. 
  • We work with Ireland’s leading industry associations and innovation centres, and we support Ireland’s innovative sectors by way of event sponsorships, information seminars, and the regular provision of “health checks” and assessments of potential eligibility.

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