KPMG’s Corporate Immigration and Employment Law Team is a division within Legal Services, offering advice on areas of Immigration and Employment.

Labour law & immigration

Working within the law to achieve your business objectives.

KPMG’s Corporate Immigration and Employment Law team is a dedicated division within Legal Services, covering the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We offer practical legal advice on all aspects of Irish and European employment and immigration law.

Recruitment & compliance

  • employment contracts and handbooks
  • employment status and compliance audits
  • employee privacy and data protection
  • employee benefits, incentive and reward schemes
  • organisation of working time and protective leave

Terminations & restructuring

  • terminations, disciplinary and grievance matters
  • restructuring and redundancies
  • transfer of undertakings

Immigration law

  • employment permits, visa and residency requirements for employees in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Equality law

  • employment equality and gender pay gap matters
  • bullying and harassment investigations


  • We also assist employers in assessing their workers’ immigration status and advise on the applications required to minimise the effect of Brexit on the workforce

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