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The Japanese economy is the third largest economy in the world by GDP and is often ranked among the world's most innovative countries.

The Japanese economy is the third largest economy in the world by GDP.

Japan has developed into a very important location for expanding Irish companies and multinational companies. There is considerable scope to use Ireland as a platform for investing into Japan.

The attractions of using Ireland include:

  • Competitive cost base – significant competitiveness improvement 
  • English speaking 
  • Young, dynamic and well educated workforce 
  • Single Financial Services Regulatory Authority 
  • Common law legal system 
  • Attractive tax regime 
    • 0% (regulated investment vehicle)/ 12.5% (trading company)/ 25% (passive/securitisation vehicle) corporation tax rate on profits in Ireland
    • Extensive tax treaty network (72 tax treaties signed) 
    • 37.5% relief for R&D activities – extends to developments in finance 
    • Attractive intellectual property regime 
    • No controlled foreign company legislation 
    • No thin capitalisation rules 
    • Exemption from corporation tax for certain start-up companies
    • Income tax incentives for employees relocating to Ireland 
    • Exemption from tax on certain dividends. Credit for foreign withholding tax and underlying tax available on other dividends
    • Interest withholding tax exemptions 
    • Dividend withholding tax exemptions
  • Gateway to Europe 
  • Member of the Eurozone

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