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International Tax

International Tax

Our professionals have the tax knowledge and sectoral experience to help organisations seize international tax opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

We advise on all aspects of international corporate tax.

Global companies require global tax planning. It is not enough for a multinational company to separately adapt to each of its local operating environments. To take account of local, regional and national factors — and to thrive — a successful multinational company needs to adapt to all its environments. Tax is one of the most important variables because it helps determine what kind of corporate structure is appropriate.

Why choose KPMG?

Our professionals seek to exemplify the principle 'think globally, act locally'. We work together in teams formed specifically to meet international clients' needs and have a strong understanding of tax law and business conditions in numerous jurisdictions. We advise on all aspects of international tax, from cross-border transactions to mergers and acquisitions, and transfer pricing.

Our industry-experienced International Corporate Tax professionals support international companies everywhere in the world, irrespective of whether they are long-established global players or testing cross-border opportunities for the first time.

Our services include:

  • Foreign tax credit tax advice
  • Cross-border structured finance tax advice
  • Advice on global indirect taxes
  • Transfer pricing assistance, including valuations

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