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Climate change is a global environmental problem caused by carbon dioxide emissions

The European Council endorsed the objective of achieving a climate-neutral EU by 2050 and this is expected to pass into legislation in individual member-states in the coming years. The Irish government has already published a Climate Action Plan intended to deliver a 30% reduction in non-ETS greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

As a direct result of the need to reduce emissions, governments and other stakeholders are pushing businesses and public bodies to reduce their own emissions through regulatory-changes, investment decisions and purchasing choices.

Our Decarbonisation practice can help your organisation:

  • Measure your GHG emissions and understand the most carbon intensive activities in your value chain
  • Assess the impact of the move towards a low carbon society on current operations, quantifying the costs and risks of business as usual
  • Understand the opportunities that might arise from an accelerated transition to net-zero
  • Formulate a strategy to reduce and ultimately remove carbon dioxide emissions from its value chain

We have a specialist team with deep sectoral knowledge who can assist as your organisation prepares to respond to the changing landscape brought about by this global environmental issue.

Further information

  • Download our brochure (PDF, 450KB) for more on how we can help your business meet its sustainability goals

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