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Construction Dispute Resolution

Construction Dispute Resolution

Our construction professionals have direct experience in the various forms of dispute resolution processes.

Our construction professionals have experience in dispute resolution processes.

... For the Contractor or the Developer

Have formal litigation or arbitration procedures commenced and does your legal team require expert reports covering delay and costs? Has one party instigated dispute proceedings and you do not know how to defend the case?

Do you need representation in conciliation proceedings from experienced construction professionals who can present your case in the best possible way?

If the answer is Yes, KPMG’s Engineering & Construction Group can assist you.

Our construction professionals have direct experience in the various forms of dispute resolution processes, including the following:


We can assist you whether you are solicitors representing a construction client and you want prompt advice on the strength or otherwise of your case, or you are a contractor or developer preparing for litigation.


It can often be daunting for parties drawn into a formal dispute who have no experience of the processes involved. We can assist you by producing credible and robust quantum reports. Our skilled planners can produce extension of time applications, and our significant experience places us in a strong position to defend claims of these types.


The majority of standard forms of construction contract in Ireland provide, at the first instance, for disputes to be considered in the forum of conciliation. We have the necessary skills and experience to case-manage your claim/defence by producing clear, concise documentation and represent you through the conciliation process.


Our team has first-hand experience of the adjudication process and can case-manage your claim/defence.


Increasingly, parties are looking at less adversarial processes to settle claims and maintain relationships. Our Accredited Mediators, trained with CEDR and ADR Group, can help you.

Expert Determination

Rather than embark on a formal dispute process, parties may wish to introduce us as an independent third party to review each party’s claims.


The best form of dispute resolution is negotiation which, if successful, maintains relationships and future work opportunities. We believe that, whilst negotiation can take place at any stage, it is usually more suited when a claim has been presented in a basic form. We can discuss your requirements and tailor our reports to your needs, keeping our costs in proportion to the overall dispute. 

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