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Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services

We work to make internal audit functions, enterprise risk management programmes, and risk and controls management more efficient and effective.

We work to make internal audit functions more efficient and effective.

KPMG’s Internal Audit Services deploys a multidisciplinary team of professionals experienced in financial and operational internal auditing, IT, fraud analytics and risk assessment, shared services, finance management, treasury and financial instruments, and the supply chain, to augment and enhance an organisation’s existing internal audit capabilities.

We work to make internal audit functions, enterprise risk management programmes, and risk and controls management more efficient and effective.

Hot button issues for business leaders include a range of complex matters, such as:

  • Internal Audit strategic sourcing (right resources, right place, right time) 
  • Enterprise risk management (structure, risk identification, monitoring, reporting, optimising) 
  • Regulatory compliance (including SOX and Solvency 2) 
  • Corporate governance 
  • Integrated assurance 
  • Global sustainability/climate change 
  • Continuous auditing/monitoring 
  • Contract compliance.

The internal audit function and risk and controls management are often at the forefront in dealing with these matters. Their effectiveness and efficiency can have a major influence on corporate performance and business outcomes.

Our Internal Audit team works with internal audit directors and audit committees to develop a quality internal audit function that delivers strategic business assurance, identifies business opportunities and enhances organisational value. Our support and advice includes:

  • Evaluating internal audit functions and providing co-sourcing and outsourcing services 
  • Deploying continuous auditing/monitoring techniques 
  • Designing, executing and advising on the use of enterprise risk management 
  • Driving Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel 2, Solvency 2 and equivalent regulations compliance 
  • Rationalising monitoring functions and governance practices 
  • Enhancing recoveries and compliance with contracts 
  • Advising on social responsibility and climate change reporting.

What's in it for you?

Demands on Internal Audit and Risk functions have never been greater. Corporate governance, risk management and internal controls are all under increased scrutiny by regulators and stakeholders.

To keep your company on track, KPMG's Internal Audit professionals can assist by:

  • Designing and improving governance structures to help ensure that risks are being managed effectively 
  • Ensuring governance and risk structures are embedded throughout the organisation 
  • Helping to ensure that controls are designed and operating effectively to manage risk 
  • Enhancing your ability to meet regulatory requirements and to mitigate risk of failure.


We bring a leading and well-developed approach to enhancing our client’s governance structure by drawing on experienced advisers in internal audit, regulation, risk and process improvement to deliver a business-focused strategy for managing change.

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