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Model Assurance

Model Assurance

Model Assurance involves assessing the quality of model design and build.

Model Assurance involves assessing the quality of model design and build.

Model Assurance involves assessing the quality of model design and build, including logic integrity, sensitivity analysis, advice on accounting policies and tax calculations and review of consistency of key assumptions to core source documents (such as data book, financial terms and contract agreements).

Based on the depth of the review undertaken, we can provide you with an independent opinion on the soundness of the model, its internal consistency and its mathematical accuracy.

  • Heat Maps to identify inconsistencies and key formulae
  • Dependence maps to visualise data flows
  • Automatically identify and grade complex formulae for increased focus

Financial model review

We have a developed a proven methodology built on proprietary model review software and our team’s broad range of industry expertise. We take a collaborative approach to solving problems and we will work closely with you to ensure that the optimal benefit is derived from our work. We can also test inputs, assumptions and calculations against contractual documents and provide independent assurance that key contract terms have been accurately reflected in the model.

Re-performance of key calculations

Organisations frequently rely upon complex computer processes and calculations to calculate information upon which the business depends. We can use computer assisted audit techniques and financial model building techniques to extract data from a wide range of computer systems and to replicate the calculations performed by financial processes. Our review team will provide you with independent assurance that key calculations are being performed in accordance with the relevant specifications.

What's in it for you?

A recent survey conducted by KPMG International shows that over 70 percent of financial models had major errors impacting on the integrity of their results and that 60 percent were judged to be inadequate to fully evaluate their project and financial risks. KPMG can help by:

  • We bring an unbiased viewpoint to our work 
  • Providing confidence in the accuracy and validity of financial models 
  • Giving confidence in the analysis underpinning your decision making.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your financial model assurance needs.

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