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The volume, breadth and depth of regulation facing financial services firms is at an unprecedented level. This has imposed challenges and additional responsibilities in all areas of the financial services sector, all the way up to board level. We understand this regulatory burden, the expectations of regulators and how rules should be applied. We work with financial services in every sector, identifying relevant rules and their impact on your business. Our multi-disciplinary team and unrivalled experience means we understand the regulatory environment and are best placed to assist you with meeting your obligations.

We can support you with the following:

Our regulatory team have experience in advising a number of international private equity firms with regard to their acquisition of regulated firms with headquarters or branches in Ireland. This has included:
  • Performing pre-acquisition regulatory due diligence on the target and advice on remediation.
  • Assistance with Central Bank of Ireland regulatory approval of the transaction (including PCF approval of the new directors)
  • Advice on changes to the corporate governance set-up/ risk management framework of the target entity. 

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