The strategic and operational challenges facing financial institutions have never been greater.

The challenges facing financial institutions have never been greater.

Unravelling the regulatory conundrum – how we can help you

The volume, breadth and depth of regulation facing financial services firms is at an unprecedented level. This has imposed challenges and additional responsibilities in all areas of the financial services sector, all the way up to board level. We understand this regulatory burden, the expectations of regulators and how rules should be applied. We work with financial services in every sector, identifying relevant rules and their impact on your business. Our multi-disciplinary team and unrivalled experience means we understand the regulatory environment and are best placed to assist you with meeting your obligations.

We can support you with the following:

  • Authorisation – assistance with navigating the Central Bank’s authorisation process
  • Regulatory change – provision of advice on the impact of prospective regulation, for example MiFID II, and the design of policies, procedures and controls to ensure that new regulations applicable to firms are fully embedded within their operating frameworks
  • Regulatory advice – provision of advice on the impact of all aspects of existing regulation, be that related to prudential or consumer protection matters or in relation to requirements such as fitness and probity or corporate governance
  • Regulatory reporting - completion and validation of regulatory reports
  • Regulatory remediation - advising firms on how to address regulatory issues, both of a prudential and consumer nature, raised by the Central Bank.

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