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Financial Reporting - IFRS & US GAAP

Financial Reporting - IFRS & US GAAP

Our team of professionals can help ensure you meet your financial reporting obligations, covering Irish, UK, and US GAAP, and IFRS; contact us today.

Our team of professionals can help ensure you meet your financial reporting obligations.


Accounting standards are continually evolving. Our experienced team of professionals can help ensure that you meet your financial reporting obligations and that your financial reports truly reflect your business.

Our knowledge and experience spans FRS 102, IFRS and US GAAP. If you also do business outside Ireland, we can work with you and our international colleagues to help ensure your obligations are met efficiently and effectively. 

IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards

We have assisted a wide range of companies with IFRS implementation and continue to work with them in addressing the issues raised by a transition to new accounting standards.

How KPMG can help:

  • Conversion to IFRS - Helping KPMG's global network's clients with conversion to IFRS by providing the required resources, knowledge and practical support needed to deliver the required services. 
  • IFRS training - Offering up-to date tailored training for our global network's clients that help them keep up-to date with the latest changes in a fast changing environment. We recognise that IFRS imposes different tasks on different companies and functions within companies. As a result, we have in the past provided tailored training to companies in a variety of industries, including: 
    • Financial instruments such as banks, insurance companies and funds 
    • Media and telecom 
    • Consumer groups.

In these and other industries KPMG member firms have helped different functions and groups understand the impact and requirements of IFRS.

For further information about our conversion services, please contact your usual KPMG representative, or email


KPMG’s experienced teams of professionals, in Ireland and globally, can assist you with US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), helping to ensure that your reporting requirements are fulfilled and continue to offer transparency and integrity.

Our team of professionals has the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to address the challenges posed by US GAAP. KPMG can also assist in reporting under all European and other reporting guidelines.

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