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Customer & Growth

Customer & Growth

We understand that to achieve sustainable growth you need to put customers at the heart of everything.

To achieve sustainable growth you need to put customers at the heart of everything.

Digital disruption and rising customer expectations are creating unforgiving markets where loyalty is hard won and easily lost. If you can’t deliver what your customers want, when and where they want it, they will go to someone who can.

Our Customer & Growth specialists can help you to understand what your customers need to drive sustainable growth and transform the way your organisation delivers value.


1. Identify Customer & Revenue Growth Strategies

We can help you find enhanced revenue growth opportunities using customer insight, innovative proposition development, effective customer initiation and value-based pricing strategies.

We aim to help our clients create economic value from existing and future customers and to achieve this, we can help you to assess target markets, prioritise the customer segments that have most potential and create value-adding products and services designed to meet the needs of these segments.

We can help you stand out from competitors, to decide how to price products and services and take them to market, using data driven analysis to create informed insights.


2. Implement a Customer-Centric Operating Model

We can help you design and implement customer-centric business models based on a ‘single view of customer’. Putting customer insight at the heart of decision-making improves performance. We can articulate the attributes and design principles of customer focused business operating models – from channel integration, data management and technology architecture through to people and cultural change requirements. By supporting the design and build of a target operating model, we can help you through your transformational journey, using our global operating model methodology.


3. Deliver Digitally-Led Transformation

We can help you build digital business models for the future. We design, deliver and host digital solutions that create commercial value and improve customer support. We never forget that sustainable growth is every organisation’s goal. So we work to ensure our approach to digital business priorities improves the economics of your business.

We can help you define and shape compelling customer propositions that span the digital and physical worlds. We help businesses focus on maximising the relationship with their customers to increase value and transactions.

But above all – we use digital technologies (e.g. cloud, mobile, big data, social) to help transform your business by building capabilities that cut through complexity – harnessing opportunities while managing risks.


4. Enhance your Customer Experience

We can help you improve customer experiences and results across many contact points, using structured diagnostic tools and innovative process redesign systems. We offer insight into what your customers’ experience, analysing what they value, diagnosing problems and re-designing processes and interactions to deliver improved financial returns. Through our acquisition of Nunwood, a market leading customer experience consultancy, we use market leading technologies and capabilities to capture real-time customer feedback. This enables us to give our clients information to make informed decisions which can improve customer experience.

At the heart of our capability is our Six Pillar framework for customer experience. The Six Pillars summarise the universal characteristics of what contributes to the best customer experience. Adopting the framework can result in:

  • Increased acquisition, via advocacy
  • Creation of long-term shareholder value
  • Guaranteeing a market leading customer experience ranking.
  • By mapping customer journeys, researching customer behaviour, analysing data and usability testing, we can help you to redesign customer experience and increase growth.

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