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Are you at risk from fraud and criminality?

Are you at risk from fraud and criminality?

Fraud and criminality are ever present business risks that can destroy or damage an otherwise successful and ambitious business. Such activity can and does occur at any time, in any type of business and in any sector.

How KPMG can help

We can work with you to achieve the highest level of integrity through the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and misconduct in your business. We can also help you manage the costs and risks of complying with new regulation and the dangers of costly and disruptive litigation.

Our approach is to efficiently and discreetly discover the facts underlying concerns about possible fraud and misconduct through investigation and forensic technology. Inevitably prevention is better than cure and we can assess and help manage the vulnerabilities to such activities.

We can also help you prevent and resolve commercial disputes including the assessment of damages and expert witness services.

With many years experience of investigating some of the largest national and international white collar crimes our people are some of the most experienced investigators and former regulators in Ireland. 

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