Given the increasing value, volumes and sensitivity of data contained within records coupled with growing Regulatory pressure, Records Management is more important than ever for organisations.

Records, both physical and electronic, are a fundamental tool that organisations rely on to conduct business, work effectively and to build knowledge. While you might be familiar with the concept of Records Management, many organisations are not aware of the regulatory requirements, the role of technology and the business benefits associated with a robust Records Management Programme.  Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) as well as employee and public pressure to safeguard records means that organisations require good Records Management to demonstrate trust, accountability and compliance.

Visibility and control over your Records

In this edition of our Privacy Thought Leadership, we explore the challenges associated with Records Management and how organisations can address these challenges through by embarking on a technology enabled Records Management Programme. We look at the benefits that a robust Records Management Strategy brings to an organisation and how technology and specifically automated discovery tools can be leveraged to support organisations on their Records Management journey.

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