Our Delivering Digital podcast series seeks to provide CIOs and technology leaders with key insights to support their efforts to deliver digital transformation programmes within large organisations.

During this series we will explore and unpack the challenges associated with delivering large scale, complex business transformation. Focused on your issues, we will hear from global industry leaders and provide you with practical independent advice. Subscribe to our series to get the latest updates.  


Delivering digital in a large banking organisation

Colm welcomes Graham Fagan, Group Director of Enterprise Technology and Cloud Engineering at AIB, to KPMG’s Delivering Digital podcast.  With a career spanning Utilities, Technology and Finance, Graham shares his unique perspective on  Delivering Digital in one of Ireland's largest organisations.

Colm and Graham discuss:

  • How Graham's career got started – 0:00 – 4:30
  • What is Digital Transformation – 4:30 – 9:50
  • Its not just about Technology – 9:50 – 11:35
  • Inside out thinking and the 4 C’s – 11:35 – 18:30
  • Role of security – 18:30 – 23:40
  • How do you work with finance – 23:40 – 28:00
  • Graham's advice – 28:00

Delivering digital in a large energy organisation

Colm O’Neill speaks with Maree Mamo, Partner KPMG in Australia, about her experience of supporting AGL Energy, with their digital transformation journey.