We are proud to release the results of the KPMG Real Estate Data Strategy Survey that presents insights from more than 188 real estate organisations across the globe on how they are approaching data strategy, the challenges they face, and how far along they are in developing an effective data management programme.

Co-ordinated data efforts

In our rapidly changing environment, real estate companies are facing an ever-expanding volume of data that offers the potential to deliver actionable insights to drive innovation and competitive advantage. Interestingly, the survey found that globally, only a little over half (57 percent) have a coordinated effort around collecting, standardising, and analysing data. In Ireland, less than a quarter of respondents (20 percent) purported a coordinated data effort. 

Data consolidation

The survey also found that 52 percent of real estate organisations indicate that their biggest data capture obstacle is disparate systems or consolidation of data from multiple external sources. Locally, the survey results indicate Irish organisations agree, with 67 percent indicating these factors as their biggest obstacle. 

Customer service

Notably, there is opportunity for fund administrators and property owners and operators to get more creative about increasing investor and tenant satisfaction. Many organisations have implied they are more internally focused on leveraging data to drive insights for financial performance and deal/development decisions than improving customer experience. 

We believe, for real estate owners and operators especially, now is the time to consider how harnessing data can help to drive efficiencies and sustainability in their properties to create differentiation in the eyes of their customers.

Download our data strategy report here to learn more.

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