Our 10 Minutes on Tax & Legal short video series addresses some of the most pressing issues and opportunities facing the modern business world, exploring key topics through insights from dedicated KPMG professionals. 

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10 Minutes on Tax

Managing employment tax risk in 2022

Key considerations in M&A

Our tax team

Revenue audits & other interventions

Corporation Tax Compliance Efficiencies

The role of tax policy in tackling global climate change

Our tax team

2020 Pay & File for self-assessed taxpayers

New VAT rules for e-commerce


VAT & Customs

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10 Minutes on Legal

Beneficial Ownership and Accounts Disclosure Obligations

This video features Andrea Sherlock and Michael Moore who discuss recent changes in relation to Beneficial Ownership and Accounts Disclosure Obligations. The rules in relation to beneficial ownership and accounts disclosure continue to become increasingly complex and are now fundamental to the basis on which businesses must operate. In light of the broader geopolitical environment, Andrea and Michael share some practical insights to ensure full compliance and that business critical transactions are not unnecessarily delayed.

Brexit & Company Law

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