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This year has challenged business and work practices unlike any we have witnessed before. The 31st December brings with it not only the financial year end for many businesses but significantly, the end to the Brexit transition period. Managing cross-border remote working and the international aspects of your workforce has never been more important.  

Understanding these changes will be important in order to manage employer compliance obligations and minimise the cost impact to the business. But it also provides an opportunity to adapt current employment models and enable access to a global talent pool. 

In this webinar, we explain the key people issues facing employers as a consequence of the UK no longer being a member of the EU as well as the broader impact the pandemic has had on employment models, the talent agenda and corresponding employer compliance obligations.  

We also provide insight on the key actions employers should consider across a number of areas including immigration, social security, remote working and more. 

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For further information on the workforce challenges discussed in this webinar, please contact Thalia O'Toole, Head of Global Mobility, or any member of the presenting team. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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