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The Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund ("DTIF") Call 3 (2020) is now open for applications until 17 December 2020, write Ken Hardy and Damien Flanagan of our R&D Incentives Practice.

The DTIF is a collaboration fund run by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and provides up to 50% funding of enterprises for technology-based disruptive innovation.

Eligible projects should be seeking minimum funding of €1.5 million and collaborations must have at least 3 independent partners including at least one SME and Research Performing Organisation such as a University or Institute of Technology.

There are three significant changes since ‘Call 2’ in September 2019:

1. Extending the impact timeframe:

Economic impact outputs of the project should now be demonstrable within a 3 - 7 year timeframe as opposed to the previous 3 - 5 years.

2. Prioritizing the selection of low-carbon projects:

One change to the Selection Criterion, now called ‘Economic Impact and Sustainability’, is to prioritize the selection of low-carbon investments. Projects are asked to demonstrate positive contributions to the low carbon / sustainability targets in Ireland’s Climate Action Plan.

3. Refreshing the priority areas:

  • In ICT, the fund is now looking to support projects in Future Networks, Communications and Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Management, Security, Privacy, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (including Machine Learning), Digital Platforms, Content and Applications, and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
  • In Health and Wellbeing, the fund is now looking to support projects in Connected Health and Independent Living, Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Therapeutics.
  • In the Food Theme, the fund is looking to support collaboration projects in Food for Health and Smart and Sustainable Food Production and Processing.
  • For Energy, Climate Action and Sustainability, the fund is looking to support projects in the Decarbonising the Energy System and Sustainable Living.
  • In Manufacturing and Materials, the fund is looking to support Advanced and Smart Manufacturing and Manufacturing and Novel Materials.
  • Finally, the fund is also looking to support Innovation in Services and Business Processes.

Next Steps

Enterprise Ireland will be hosting a webinar on 22 October from 11am to 12 noon for those who are interested in learning more about the application process for DTIF Call 3.

Forming a collaboration and preparing and agreeing an application can take significant amounts of time and there is short time window between now and 17 December 2020.  If you wish to discuss the DTIF Call 3, please contact us for more information.

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