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We are delighted to launch our latest BOLD GIRLS initiative – BOLD GIRLS meets 20×20.

BOLD GIRLS addresses the gender imbalance in children’s literature. The BOLD GIRLS schools programme, an initiative of KPMG and Children’s Books Ireland, introduces books featuring strong girls and women with agency, opinions and power to pupils in participating schools. We have brought this message of equality to hundreds of schoolchildren since 2018.

20×20 is about creating a cultural shift in our perception of girls and women in sport. There is so much to celebrate when it comes to women’s sport in Ireland, but there isn’t enough noise. 20×20 aims to increase media coverage of women in sport, female participation in sport and attendance at women’s games and events, all by 20%.

Sportswomen in children’s literature

KPMG and Children’s Books Ireland have identified a number of books for children that highlight women in sport. This selection of books including Jacqui Hurley’s, ‘Girls Play Too’, ‘She Can’ by The 42 and illustrated by Chris Judge and Cora Staunton (Great Irish Sports Stars) by Eimear Ryan to name a few, tell the real-life stories of women who have proved that gender is not a barrier to success and inspire the next generation of Irish sportswomen.

BOLD GIRLS meets 20×20

We are rolling out a new BOLD GIRLS programme to classrooms in a number of KPMG partner schools. Each participating class will receive a bundle of 25 selected books along with a specially commissioned exclusive video from Jacqui Hurley. Jacqui will inspire the next generation as she delves into her own career, sporting passions and the stories behind ‘Girls Play Too’.