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Message from our Managing Partner

Welcome to our 2019 Transparency Report, my first as Managing Partner of KPMG in Ireland. While this report is focused on last year, it is impossible to ignore the unprecedented events currently impacting the world we live in as a result of the COVID -19 crisis and what this will mean for our economy and Irish business over the course of 2020 and beyond.

As we approach the publication date of this report, we have experienced the initial stages of the health and economic crisis caused by this new Coronavirus and the tragic consequences for many families in our society that have experienced loss and serious illness as a result. Our sympathies are with these families whose suffering puts other matters into perspective.

Over the remainder of this year and certainly into next year, it is clear that this crisis will have significant implications for our business, for our clients, for the economy and for society. It is too early and still too uncertain to predict the economic impact that will result so it is important that all businesses remain agile, resilient and ready to deal with the challenges while preparing for the new reality.

At KPMG, we remain committed to prioritising the protection of our people in everything we do during the crisis and ensuring our teams are able to support our clients through the crisis period, preparing for recovery and in planning for the new reality. Businesses that think and act strategically at times like this will be successful and we have the skills and expertise to help them. We are committed to the maintenance of high quality across our business during this challenging time.

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