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Due to the continued closure of the Burgh Quay Registration Office in Dublin and all other registration offices nationwide, the Immigration Service Delivery Function has introduced further temporary measures regarding Irish Residence Permit (IRP) cards. Certain individuals in Ireland awaiting their first IRP registration, can now apply to the Burgh Quay Registration Office to request a letter confirming their permission to remain in Ireland.

Why this matters

Employers should note that individuals who have recently entered Ireland and have been unable to register and obtain an IRP card, are now eligible, in certain circumstances, to obtain a letter which will confirm their legal status in Ireland. This should help alleviate any concerns about what to do about non-EEA employees who only have entry stamps as evidence of their legal right to be in Ireland.

This temporary measure is currently in place up to 20 July 2020. The measure enables non-EEA individuals currently in Ireland awaiting their first-time registration for certain categories of stamps (as listed below) and who hold a valid permission to remain (i.e. a valid entry stamp) to apply to the Burgh Quay Registration Office to request a letter confirming their permission to remain in Ireland and the conditions attaching to their permission.

Stamp 1

Employment Permit Stamp 1 (General and Critical Skills)

Hosting Agreements

Stamp 1A

Trainee Accountant

Stamp 1G

Spouse/Partner of Critical Skills Employment Permit Holder

Stamp 2


Stamp 4

Spouse of an Irish National

Family Reunification Beneficiaries


The application and all required documentation must be submitted electronically to the Burgh Quay Registration Office in Dublin. There will be no changes to eligibility for permissions; all usual criteria will continue to apply.

Should permission be granted, individuals will still be required to register their permission in the normal manner once the registration offices reopen. When the registration offices reopen, priority will be given to those seeking to register for the first time. Individuals who were registering for the first time and had their appointments cancelled as a result of the registration office closures will have their appointments rescheduled automatically. Other appointments will be made available exclusively for other first-time applicants.

Additionally, for those individuals whose permission has been extended, this does not include re-entry to Ireland for visa required nationals. Accordingly, non-EEA visa-required nationals who leave Ireland after the expiry of their permission will need to apply for an entry visa to be able to return to Ireland. However, due to the temporary suspension of the entry visa system as a result of COVID-19, an individual is currently only able to apply for an emergency/priority visa in limited circumstances.

Clients should be aware of these changes as they can now confirm the status of non-EEA employees who are seeking to register their residence permission in Ireland for the first time

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