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Business & Finance Media Group, in association with KPMG, launch the inaugural FS Dublin Awards, recognising excellence in Financial Services in Ireland.

Recognising the success of the companies and teams behind Dublin’s position as a global leader in Financial Services, the Business & Finance Media Group is delighted to announce the launch of the Financial Services Dublin Awards, in association with KPMG.

There are 14 categories, including cutting edge and topical areas such as cyber security, blockchain, sustainable finance, inclusion & diversity and Fintech innovator.

The FS Dublin Awards will recognise the companies, teams and individuals who lead, innovate and shape their organisations through a commitment to excellence that has cemented Dublin’s reputation as a global financial services hub and the Gateway to Europe.

The judging panel, chaired by Louise Phelan, Deputy CEO of Phelan Energy and former head of PayPal in Ireland, will also include Hubert Crehan, Head of Financial Services Markets, KPMG in Ireland and Peter Oakes, Founder of Fintech Ireland.

Chair of the judging panel, Louise Phelan, spent 13 years in senior executive roles at PayPal and has watched the financial services industry in Ireland flourish. Commenting on the awards, she said: 

Details on the FS Dublin Awards in association with KPMG, finalists and awards ceremony will be announced soon.

I am delighted to be chair of the Judging Panel for the Dublin Business & Finance Awards for 2020. Dublin’s Financial Services had grown from strength to strength and is now internationally renowned for being a global financial hub and gateway to Europe. This is why it is so important to recognise companies, teams and individuals who are leaders in their field and who are driving their organisations to success through innovative solutions.

Judging panel

 The judging panel will be assessing entries across a number of different criteria, specific to each of the 14 categories, with strategy, innovation, impact and a customer-centric approach keystone across all categories.

Hubert Crehan, Head of Financial Services Markets, KPMG Ireland, advises a wide range of clients in the financial services industry. He commented:

Ireland’s financial services sector is a critical part of our economy and we are delighted to support the recognition of companies, teams and people who have contributed so much to placing Ireland on the map as one of the world's leading financial services centres. These awards offer an excellent opportunity for the sector to showcase market-leading initiatives, whether in banking, insurance, asset management and the growing fintech space. We also look forward to recognising key initiatives in Sustainability and Diversity and Inclusion which are so important to the sector and to us in KPMG.

Financial services in Ireland

Ireland is the fourth largest provider of wholesale financial services in the EU with over 400 international financial services institutions providing Financial Services to every major economy in the world. With the Government’s new “Ireland for Finance” whole of Government strategy unveiled last year, the further development of the international financial services (IFS) sector holds great potential for Ireland to be a top-tier location of choice for specialist international financial services. Recognising industry achievement at this level, the FS Dublin Awards promises to be a valuable and insightful event for the Financial Services sector.

Tracey Carney, Managing Director of Business & Finance Media Group commented:

This is a prime time to showcase Ireland as a hub for FS on an international stage—with technology allowing borders to be broken down, we can be a world leader in the sector. Key to our success will be a keen focus on Inclusion & Diversity within the industry. Research has proved time and again that diverse companies perform better. Add to this a focus on customer satisfaction, which can so easily go by the wayside in the digital age, and you have a recipe for success.

Further information

For more information on the FS Dublin Awards see

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