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2019 was another successful year for the Irish asset management industry with the number of funds increasing from 7,290 to 7,569 and assets under management of over €2.9 trillion, of which UCITS structures represent 4,641 funds and €2.1 trillion assets under management.

Our annual analysis on directors' remuneration and board composition is now in its third year. In 2019, we analysed over 200 publicly available financial statements of UCITS companies including over 2,300 subfunds and assets under management of €1.2 trillion.

Our guide offers a broad overview on board composition and directors' remuneration and we hope that it is a beneficial benchmarking tool. 

Average remuneration of directors

The average remuneration of directors continues to be €40,000 to €60,000 for the company as a whole.

average remuneration of directors

Female/Male split

17% of independent directors were female. For new independent directors appointed during the year, 35% were female and 65% male.

Independent directors

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