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If you are looking for outsized growth opportunities, unbridled innovation, sustainable investments and an energised workforce, you should probably be looking at the emerging markets. This edition of Insight Magazine explains why.

Consider this: by 2040, the emerging markets will require around US$60 trillion in infrastructure investment. Now just think about what that kind of investment will deliver – clean drinking water, accessible and affordable energy, safer cities, better connectivity… the possibilities are almost endless. And the potential should not be squandered.

Yet – as this edition of Insight Magazine clearly illustrates – the emerging markets represent more than just another great investment opportunity. They are also a source of innovation, vision and creativity.

That is why we have focused on stories that inspire: smart city investments in Indonesia and Singapore; Hyperloop developments in India; new approaches to PPP preparation in Kenya; innovative social housing approaches in Argentina – in every article, our authors focus on uncovering the opportunities and shining the spotlight on the innovations.

These are not just cool stories about foreign lands. The views and ideas shared in this edition will influence the global economy for decades to come. Regardless of your specific emerging markets plan, these are trends and topics you need to understand.