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Irish Immigration Law

Irish Immigration Law

Irish Immigration Law

Our dedicated Corporate Immigration and Employment Law team work with you to develop immigration strategies that help you meet inbound immigration needs and manage your immigration program.  

Permission to travel to Ireland

  • Many non-EEA nationals require an entry visa to travel to Ireland for business meetings or tourism
  • We assist travellers with assessing their visa requirements and with securing the required Irish entry visa 

Permission to work in Ireland

  • Non-EEA nationals working for 90 days or more must obtain an employment permit prior to commencing work in Ireland
  • For Non-EEA nationals working between 15-90 days they may obtain an “Atypical Working Scheme Letter of Approval”
  • We assist employers in obtaining the most suitable permit types

Permission to reside in Ireland

  • Non-EEA nationals working in Ireland by means of an employment permit must register with the Burgh Quay Registration Office
  • We can assist employees with obtaining their Irish Residence Permit (IRP)
  • Immigrant Investor Programme: we assist international investors and entrepreneurs with obtaining immigration permission to live and conduct business in Ireland

Key Employment Permit Types - Long Term Employment

Critical Skills

  • Available to non–EEA nationals with minimum salary of €60,000 p.a. 
  • If there is deemed to be a labour shortage in the area, permits can be issued for salary range €30,000 to €59,999 p.a. 
  • The spouse or partner of a Critical Skills Employment Permit holder has an automatic right to work in Ireland

Intra-Company Transfer

  • Available to non-EEA nationals employed by a non Irish company and seconded to a connected Irish company
  • Minimum remuneration requirement of €40,000 p.a. (this comprises of base annual salary + allowances)
  • Employee must have been working for a minimum period of 6 months with the foreign employer


  • Available to non-EEA nationals working in Ireland on a local Irish employment contract
  • Minimum remuneration requirement of €30,000 p.a.
  • A “Labour Market Needs Test” may need to be carried out to show that attempts have been made to fill the position from within the EU

Contract for Service Providers

  • Available where a foreign undertaking enters a contract to provide services to an Irish entity
  • Allows for the transfer of non-EEA nationals to work on the Irish contract in Ireland while remaining on an employment contract outside the State

Short Term Employment

Atypical Working Scheme

  • Available to non-EEA nationals working in Ireland for a period lasting from 15 to 90 consecutive days
  • Minimum remuneration requirement (i.e. minimum wage)


Start-Up Entrepreneur

  • Available to non-EEA nationals with an innovative business idea and funding of €50,000 p.a. to come and set up a business in Ireland
  • Aim is to support high potential start-ups which introduce a new or innovative product or service to international markets

An integrated approach to cross-border relocations

We offer a fully integrated service to companies who have employees relocating inbound to or outbound from Ireland. This allows us to provide advice in other crucial areas to ensure a successful,legally compliant, tax efficient, international relocation.

For example, we blend our immigration services with other global mobility related services such as:

  • employment law
  • tax advisory and compliance services
  • social security
  • payroll requirements
  • pension issues