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Agribusiness Report 2019

Agribusiness Report 2019

Agribusiness Report 2019

Agribusiness is a global industry. The performance of Irish agribusiness is influenced by many factors, both domestic and international.

In this, our seventh annual Irish Farmers Journal/KPMG Agribusiness report, our focus is on competitiveness, and specifically how Ireland measures up against our global competitors.

As you will see in the various articles in the report, we score well in certain respects, and not so well in others. Collectively, we need to address the areas of concern, and drive change in order to ensure that Irish agribusinesses can compete strongly in global markets.

Disruption and change in agribusiness

A key theme of the report is disruption, and there is a growing sense - articulated by my New Zealand-based colleague, Ian Proudfoot - that agribusiness is on the cusp of significant change. While farmers, agribusinesses and the agri community generally may have been slower to absorb the technological advances than, say, the retail industry, there is no doubt that significant change is coming, and that it will have profound effects. Change will bring disruption, and it is critical for the future of the Irish agribusiness industry that we remain aware of - and indeed are at the forefront of - the resulting changes.

I hope you will find this report gives a real sense of where Irish agribusiness stands in comparison to our international peers, a sense of the changes that are happening in our industry, and most importantly, where we need to focus our collective resources to drive change and improvement.