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Property Lending Barometer 2018

Property Lending Barometer 2018

Property Lending Barometer 2018

We are delighted to present the Property Lending Barometer 2018, which is the 9th edition of our annual survey of banks’ real estate activity.

This survey was conducted with bank representatives from 14 European countries. It provides valuable insights into debt market conditions and assesses banks’ appetite to lend to the sector in 2019.

This year’s survey reveals that Irish banks are keen to lend on both investment and development assets. The strong Irish economy is having a positive effect on credit availability, leading to increased competition.

The robust market continues to attract new entrants such as non-domestic banks and non-bank lenders, however the main banks still make up the majority of lending volume. Banks are anticipating another good year in 2019 with sustained growth in real estate lending expected to continue based on a favourable outlook and increasing demand.