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Tech Disruptors

Tech Disruptors

Tech Disruptors

KPMG recognises the importance of innovation to the technology industry and the global economy as a whole. Our publication series, The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies, provides perspectives about global technology innovation trends, barriers to commercialising innovation, and insights into tech innovation leading practices.

Today, technology innovation is core to all kinds of businesses around the world and impacts our society greatly. We are living in one of the most disruptive periods of tech evolution since the Internet first entered the scene decades ago. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is quickly unfolding as the evolution of artificial intelligence, IoT, and robotics move firmly into the mainstream and upturn media, transportation, healthcare, security, retail, telco, and many other fields.

As reported recently in KPMG’s Global CEO survey, leaders across different industries have a greater focus on the tremendous economic and social power that has resulted from the tech industry’s leadership style and innovation. More than ever the leaders of tomorrow need to embrace change in a proactive, effective way. The acceptance to fail fast and pivot quickly, will spark the creativity that provides a competitive edge. The promise is a better future as global technology innovation developments unfold at a faster pace.

Top highlights:

  • Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics are the top technologies expected to have the greatest impact in driving business transformation over the next three years.
  • E-commerce platforms are viewed as the most disruptive business model over the next three years.
  • Thirty percent of tech industry leaders predict blockchain will disrupt their companies in the next three years.
  • Restrictive regulatory policies was cited as the leading issue constraining technology innovation.
  • Alibaba and Facebook were named by tech industry leaders as the top companies they worry about the most to disrupt their business.
  • The top industries that will have the greatest disruption/transformation in the next three years are media, healthcare, transportation, and retail.