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Europe’s Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) ecosystem

Europe’s Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) ecosystem

Europe’s ETFs ecosystem

Experts from every corner of the exchange traded industry discuss where it goes from here.

Regulatory scrutiny around value for money and transparency, disruptive technology and new investor preferences necessitate that firms adapt and innovate if they are to flourish in the new order. Those that look to protect old school business models and fail to adapt to the new investment paradigm will flounder as true innovators capture the spoils.

It is against this backdrop that KPMG invited key players from across the ETF ecosystem to discuss how they are positioning themselves to support the growth of the ETF market.

From regulation, to innovation, to education - the ETF practitioners delivered their expert opinion as they debated the key issues for the growth of the ETF market in Europe.

This report is designed to provide valuable insight into the growth of Europe’s ETF industry, wherever in the ecosystem you and your organisation sit.