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How can KPMG Legal Services help?

How can KPMG Legal Services help?

In the light of the complexity of company law, have you considered outsourcing the company secretary role to KPMG?


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In the light of the complexity of company law and enforcement measures to ensure compliance, have you considered obtaining professional advice to assist you in meeting the requirements of the role of company secretary?

KPMG Legal provide a range of services that remove the headache of company law compliance for our clients by providing them with advice and the necessary documentation to help them meet their company law requirements.

Obtaining professional advice from KPMG will allow you to:

1. Focus on your core activities

Frees up resources in your organisation to refocus on your business activities and needs.

2. Gain access to world class capabilities

KPMG is a global firm with a worldwide pool of professional expertise, which we utilise to provide solutions to our clients’ problems, affording our clients the opportunity to grow and prosper.

3. Reduce costs

Overhead costs of performing back-office functions such as company law compliance services are extremely high.

KPMG Legal provide competitive prices and bespoke compliance packages, depending on the needs of our clients.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and let us provide you with a competitive fee quote.

4. Reduce risk

There are significant financial and reputational risks (both for companies and directors) associated with not being compliant with your company law obligations. 

KPMG Legal offer peace of mind to our clients that they are legally compliant by providing them with the necessary advice, documentation and support to enable them meet their company law obligations.

5. Give you access to records

You don’t have to give up instant access to your company’s books and records.

KPMG Legal can maintain your statutory records in electronic format, which you can access at any time through a secure web-based platform. 

Click here for more information on the range of services we provide. (PDF, 1MB)

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