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Navigating healthcare change

Navigating healthcare change

As healthcare organizations are under significant economic pressure to shift from ‘volume to value,’ providers will need to articulate how they are improving clinical outcomes throughout the care continuum


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While organizations are transforming to value based care, health systems today are challenged by a fragmented delivery system that is not sustainable from a quality and cost standpoint. There are several reasons for this: First, the delivery of care has been centered at times on the providers rather than the patients. Second, care has been delivered inconsistently, with highly variable outcomes clinically, operationally, and financially. Third, providers have operated in silos which lack coordination across the full care continuum. In addition, data to derive insights and to inform decision making does not always follow the patient, or adhere to evidenced based practices. Finally, reporting and accountability systems for physicians, nurses and other ancillary providers are generally limited or lacking.

As healthcare shifts from ‘volume to value’, providers will need to articulate how they are able to generate better clinical outcomes at a more effective cost. KPMG can help. We have assisted clients by reducing their severity adjusted length of stay (LOS) by up to 21% and reduced direct variable costs of up to 16% for targeted diagnosis related groups (DRGs). KPMG has improved the operational and clinical processes of care for targeted DRGs, standardized clinical pathways, order sets, clinical protocols, and metrics for Heart Failure, Pneumonia, Sepsis, COPD, Large and Small Bowel Surgery, Trach and Vent management, Appendectomy and other key DRG groupings into the daily Care Progression Rounds. We have assisted organizations to move toward a concurrent management system for patient care, and driven dramatic improvements in clinical outcomes.

KPMG’s understanding of the complexity of the hospital environment spans the entire care continuum from acute care through post-acute care. Our Solutions under the Care Continuum Optimization structure include: Care Continuum Management, Multi-Disciplinary Care Coordination, Standardizing Clinical Care, Clinical Governance and Accountability, Clinical Documentation Improvement, Departments and Procedural Area Improvement, Patient Placement and Total Cost of Care and Business Intelligence.

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