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Ireland Logistics & Supply Chain Confidence Index 2017

Ireland Logistics & Supply Chain Confidence Index 2017

Confidence in the logistics & supply chain sector strong but down year-on-year due to more uncertain backdrop


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CBRE, KPMG Ireland and the FTAI, in conjunction with specialist sector research agency Analytiqa, have recently undertaken the second in a series of annual surveys to assess confidence and expectations in the Irish logistics and supply chain sector. This survey mirrors similar analysis that is undertaken by Analytiqa in other countries on this specialist sector of the economy and follows on from last year’s inaugural Irish survey.

We are delighted that more than 50 senior decision makers from across the logistics and supply chain sector in Ireland have for the second year running kindly expressed their views and insights to facilitate this important industry research. Three-quarters of respondents have taken part in both surveys, giving us valuable consistency of participation. Respondents included CEOs, managing directors and senior management of some of the largest logistics providers firms and buyers in the State.

The resulting report examines the key performance indicators for businesses operating within the logistics and supply chain sector. It provides insights from both logistics buyer and provider perspectives giving us a 360 degree view of sentiment and current issues and topics affecting the sector. In addition to sharing their views on the recent performance of the logistics sector, respondents also outlined their expectations over the near term.

Since last year’s survey was conducted, it is fair to say that the landscape has changed immeasurably, with seismic events affecting Ireland’s two largest trading partners. Concerns such as last June’s unexpected Brexit referendum result and the election of a new President in the United States have exercised the minds of respondents to this year’s survey and it is no surprise that there has been a deterioration in overall confidence in the sector year-on-year considering the more uncertain backdrop. Throughout the report, we have compared this year’s results with those from 12 months ago for reference. Considering how significant Brexit will be for this sector of the economy, we have provided additional commentary on this subject in the subsequent pages, which we hope will be of interest.

We trust you will enjoy reading this year’s edition of the CBRE KPMG Irish Logistics and Supply Chain Confidence Index and would welcome any feedback you might have.

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