Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications companies are the backbone of our economy. They employ tens of thousands of people and we depend on the services they provide to keep industry and society operating and our homes functioning. Energy, water and communications are the building blocks of everything we do in our lives.

In this context, climate change and digital transformation are driving unprecedented change across these critical industries. The imperative to move to a Net Zero carbon world is clear and technology and telecommunications will be at the centre of that transformation. Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications companies need to move at pace to respond to pressing demands of their customers, shareholders, government and regulators.  

How KPMG can help

KPMG helps organisations to deal with this unprecedented change. We work across all sectors bringing our deep knowledge of what it takes to deliver large engineering projects combined with technology to transform organisations and infrastructure. Helping organisations to select and execute the right deals while ensuring the most efficient capital and tax structures are implemented. Developing and implementing new operating models in a demanding regulatory environment.

In a world of increasing complexity, conflicting choices, and infinite information, KPMG brings insight and expertise to give you confidence to take action and succeed.

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We work as an integral part of KPMG’s global technology group, helping clients take advantage of opportunities, manage risk and create value. We’d be delighted to work with you to help achieve a more profitable, efficient and focused telecoms business.

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