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The current period of extreme market volatility highlights the importance of making relevant and reliable valuations available. KPMG’s unparalleled valuations expertise can provide you with a better understanding of the actual value of your assets.

KPMG can offer a wide variety of services regarding asset management and valuation with our specialist teams coming from diverse professional backgrounds with extensive experience in a broad range of markets.

Our specialist valuation team advises on all aspects of valuing companies, income generating assets, listed and unlisted securities, derivatives, structured credit, asset backed securities, intellectual property and intangible assets.

Having provided valuation services of financial instruments and private equity and having advised buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders, and financial investors across the spectrum of corporate finance services to a high standard for years, KPMG Valuation Team considers itself an expert in these areas with unrivalled experience.

Independent Valuation Services

We provide regular valuation services to funds, private equity firms and institutional investors in respect to their investment portfolios including underlying debt and equity investments, infrastructure, real estate and other unlisted, illiquid assets.

Spending time working to understand specific business dynamics, as well as industry and value drivers, KPMG can draw on extensive experience to apply relevant valuation approaches and methodologies, using industry knowledge and market analysis.

KPMG Valuation Team compares the quality of the pricing to the best market practise assessing custom tolerance levels per asset class. Strong network cooperation allows us to review the robustness of the pricing sources.

KPMG offers technically sound, commercially focused, independent valuations for specific client needs.

Tax valuations services

Valuation is often a key component in the tax analysis of important business decisions. Share valuations, transfer pricing and restructurings are part of our services.

KPMG Valuation Team can help to implement intra-group transfer pricing model and to prepare transfer pricing documentation across all industries, specially in financial services where we have specialists sectors like insurance, asset management, banking and capital markets and aircraft leasing.

Accounting-based valuations

Valuations under IFRS, US GAAP and UK IRISH GAAP accounting frameworks for intangible assets, share option and embedded derivatives, using our proprietary share option valuation models and impairment testing.

Asset classes that are covered by KPMG Valuation Team includes exchange trade securities, funds, debt securities such a sovereign debt, corporate debt and securitized products (ABS, CMO, CBO, CDO, CLO, EMS, etc.). Loans and OTC derivatives are also part of the KPMG Valuation Team scope.

Valuation governance & best practices

KPMG Valuation Team can provide with assistance and guidance on valuation governance and to establish valuation best practices. Roles and responsibilities of fund managers within the valuation process are key to define valuation policies and procedures by asset class.

Significant pressure from regulators and investors in the asset management industry encourage managers to enhance their governance over the valuation process. Higher demand for greater transparency in the valuation and reporting of illiquid investments has become in an essential requirement.

Other valuation services

  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Derivative Valuation and Risk Management
  • LIBOR Transition
  • Structures products Valuation
  • Private Equity Valuation

KPMG Valuation Team

We help our clients become more efficient and effective. We understand the needs of our clients and respond quickly to meet demanding deadlines. Our team understand the value drivers for business and appropriately assess the risks associated with the achievement of that value. KPMG Valuation Team is a multi-disciplinary team that are networked and connected to ensure you have access to support, advice and services you need.

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