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The state of intelligent automation

The state of intelligent automation

Easing the pressure points and learning to scale.

A global research report examining the state of intelligent automation.

Easing the pressure points: The state of intelligent automation, a new report by KPMG International and HFS Research, provides the data and research needed to help properly assess an organisation's progress on the intelligent automation (IA) journey.

Based on a survey of nearly 600 business leaders across 13 countries, this report paints a clear picture of current IA implementation around the world – from the aspirations and strategies at play through to the barriers and challenges being faced along the road to enterprise value.

The report finds that the vast majority of organisations are struggling to secure value from their IA activities. In particular, the survey shows: 

  • Most organisations are actively pursuing IA initiatives but are hindered by a lack of coordination, integration and prioritisation.
  • Even with RPA – arguably the most mature of the IA technologies – organisations are struggling to achieve scale.
  • Skills shortages – particularly in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities – are inhibiting IA growth. 
  • While everyone recognises IA will change the way people work, few have determined how best to address the impacts.

However, the report also finds that executives are keenly aware of the need to press forward with their IA investments and activities. They recognise their peers are moving ahead. And they know they need to take action.

Featuring lessons from some of the world’s leading organisations as well as KPMG insights on how to tackle the issues, this report helps explain how the leaders of tomorrow are capturing value from their IA investments today.