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KPMG’s environmental credentials stretch back as far as 2007 when we became Ireland’s first carbon neutral professional services company.

KPMG’s environmental credentials stretch back as far as 2007.

We’re proud to back up our sectoral leadership with real action. We’ve been working with the Carbon Neutral Company to measure our carbon footprint and to select suitable off-set projects.

Since 2008 we have delivered a 35% reduction in our emissions per employee. We have achieved this by creating further environmental awareness as it relates to business. We have set up a sustainable travel website, actively promoted the ‘bike to work’ scheme, switched our electricity requirements to renewables and we sort all our recycling at our desks – having done away with individual bins.

In particular we promote alternatives to car use and used Vipre – a consultancy working in this area to help us assess our commuting habits. For example in Dublin only 13% of our Stokes Place staff drive to work and the figure at our IFSC offices is even lower at 9%. Given that 60% of work travel in the Greater Dublin Area is by car these are encouraging figures.

If you are visiting our offices we encourage you to use public transport wherever possible. Our offices in Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway are all in convenient city centre locations so in many cases a public transport option could be particularly efficient.

In addition to the workplace – KPMG has also supported the Native Woodland Trust Trees for Schools Programme. This initiative helped make a positive impact on the environment by planting over 29,000 native Irish species in 976 schools throughout Ireland.

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